Suki Seokyeong Kang: Here We Hear – Doha, Qatar

2023 – Completed

Located within the grounds surrounding the Al Bayt Stadium, Here We Hear is a series of public sculptures that comprises a ‘family’ of elements of various shapes, in vertical structure to invite people for gathering. The works will be positioned next to the Al Bayt Stadium which was designed by the local architect Dar Al-Handasah, taking reference from traditional Qatari Bedouin tents.

Here We Hear has been conceived for the families of Qatar, symbolising the relationships between the family members and the act of listening to each other whilst sharing daily experiences during family gatherings.

This work evolved from combining the main structure of my works, Mat, Jeong, Circled Stair and Heavy Rounds. As a grouping these units form part of a welcoming structure that creates both a Playful Shelter and an Abstract Posture, expressing the hospitality of a family gathering, of meeting one another.

Project Team

German Nieva

Daniel Sars

Christian Swallow



Structural Engineer

TZG Partnership


Arnold AG




German Nieva