Acervo Campamento – Guadalajara, Mexico

2019 – Completed

The idea was to create an itinerant library to disseminate the importance of design and make it more accessible to a wider audience. 10 Mexican creatives were asked to choose 5 books that have been important for their personal and / or professional formation, to compile the first list of books which will grow over time.

The concept was to create a space without bookshelves, accessible to all, with places to sit, stand, or lie down, and where books are everywhere, like in a house.

It is a family of furniture elements, with a geometric genealogy in common and based on ergonomic parameters. They can be arranged in different ways, depending on space and use, and are easy to disassemble and transport.

The manufacturing is evident: a repetition of cuts using digital technology, which are assembled in a stratified manner, emphasizing the material and acquiring a tactile character, as if they had been sculpted by hand.

Individually, the pieces have an immediately recognizable and somewhat familiar shape.

A mix between the ‘Miguelito’ chair and folding camping furniture, that as a group acquire an emphatic presence, which will make them stand out in the different places where the library is housed.

The library was exhibited for the first time during the second edition of ‘Campamento’, a Mexican Design Fair that was held in Guadalajara, Mexico.



Project Team

Estefania Alvarez


Alejandro Barragan

Santiago Pedroche