The Art Fund Pavilion – Woking, UK

2009 – Competition

Submission to the Art Fund Pavilion competition, a semi-permanent structure for the Lightbox Gallery, was conceived as a series of framed portals housing a retractable envelope structure and stackable elements that can be deployed in various configurations. Inspired by the bellow and the Noguchi lantern, the entire pavilion is a flexible indoor/outdoor space during the summer. During winter it can be retracted into three sculptural portals containing the envelope, all services and the furniture. The form of the pavilion is derived from simple considerations such as the slope of the roof to allow rainwater runoff and the flow of people to create entrances and visual connections, in this particular case to the canal and the gallery. The envelope, when retracted to its three portals, makes an outdoor space defined by the platform of the pavilion. When used as an exhibition space, the furniture is deployed across the entire pavilion.

Project Team
Janita Han
Juliao Pinto Leite
Hannah Parker

Neil Dusheiko

Structural Engineer