KH House – Berkshire, UK

2015 – Construction

Residential project for the extension of an existing Grade II listed farmhouse in West Berkshire. The design introduces an asymmetrical vaulted roof that provides the new building with an emphasis towards the southern views whilst reducing the visual impact to the north. The roof will be constructed using a laminated timber structure with a copper outer cladding. It will rest on a series of flint walls on the north elevation, referencing traditional local construction methods and echoing the walls of the existing farmhouse. The south elevation of the proposal is more open, with pre-cast concrete fins supporting the roof and large glass sliding doors between them. The unobtrusive design and careful selection of materials allows the proposed extension to be contemporary whilst also sympathetic to the heritage and character of the West Berkshire Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where the site is located.

Project Team
Max Gelibter
Finbarr O'Dempsey

Structural Engineer
TZG Partnership


Services Engineer
P3r Engineers