Aldgate Play Space – London, UK

2014 – Competition

Shortlisted competition entry for a public play space to be built as part of a new mixed use development in Aldgate, London. The proposal focused on providing a variety of spaces for children and teenagers, by developing on the idea of the steel cage courts for ball games that are the norm in most urban residential estates. A palette of robust building materials commonly used in playgrounds are proposed in this case to create a sculptural ensemble of enclosed and open areas, that could also act as a centre piece for the development. A series of small courts for specific ball games and gathering places, cohabit under a reflective metal roof that floats just above the top of the shops and entrance lobbies of the surrounding buildings. The spaces in between the shaped enclosures would remain permanently open allowing people to jaywalk, take cover during rainy weather, use it as a band stand or house a food market during week days.

Finbarr O'Dempsey
Lucy Norfield
Song Yun Eng


Structural Engineer
Michael Hadi Associates